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The Myers-Briggs Asshole Index

  • Warning:

    These may be offensive to some people. Do not continue if you cannot take a joke.

  • (it might not be accurate either so forgive me)

  • ENFP:

    Oh god no you're wrong I'm correct. Let me provide a 500 word essay of how I am correct, whether you want to listen or not.

  • INFP:

    *tells you about their opinion and ignores anything you say to object it*

  • ENFJ:

    Oh, this person is perfect for my evil scheme. I shall charm them into thinking we're bff's and keep them for future purposes. They won't see it coming. I SHALL RULE THE WORLD.

  • INFJ:

    Wow I'm such an interesting person........ I need more friends. Oh, hello person! Wanna hear how awesome I am?

  • ESTJ:

    Okay so you do this, and you do that. Let me just sit here and take all the credit, ok?

  • ISTJ:

    *small talks way through life, not having anything else to say*

  • ENFJ:

    Keep talking, person. The more secrets you share, the more I can use against you.

  • INFJ:

    *stalks from a distance and keeps information saved for blackmail*

  • ENTP:

    I'm perfect. Admit it.

  • INTP:

    Why must you be so dumb? I ASKED YOU ONE SIMPLE QUESTION AND YOU GAVE ME AN ANSWER SO IRRELEVANT I CANNOT EVEN COMPREHEND HOW WRONG YOU ARE. Now let me elaborate how correct I am in my words which might not make sense to people like you.

  • ENTJ:

    Hey look at this poisonous spider. It's okay it doesn't bite. I'll let it out and watch it crawl up your arm and prove to you that it doesn't bite. Oh oops, I'm wrong. Haha. You'll be fine. I'm sorry though.

  • INTJ:

    *sneakily runs away from trouble and puts the blame on someone else, no matter friend or foe*

  • ESTP:

    Let me just point out all your faults and make you feel bad about yourself because it's fun.

  • ISTP:

    Too unpredictable to even be described in this post.

  • ESFP:

    *makes offensive jokes because seeing their enemies upset makes them feel stronger*

  • ISFP:

    hell nah im unique and cool unlike u

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